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Did You Know . . .

. . . that the first map-globe was made in 1492 by the German map-maker Martin Behaim?


Erdapfel globe

Martin Behaim's Terrestrial Globe

18 in. x 24 in.
print by Giclee

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Martin Behaim (October 6, 1459 – July 29, 1507) was a navigator and geographer. He constructed his famous terrestrial globe, called "the erdapfel" (earth apple), in 1492 and it is preserved at the Nuremberg National Museum on the same floor as Albrecht Dürer's galleries. The antiquity of this globe and the year of its execution, on the eve of the discovery of Americas, make it not just the oldest but the most historically valuable globe in existence. Drawn on parchment, illuminated and decorated with flags and pictures of kings, it is stretched on a sphere of 213 inches in diameter.

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